Facebook Fundraiser

Turn your birthday into a fundraiser

We all have birthdays. Sure, presents are great, but more and more people are instead turning their birthdays into fundraisers as a way to give back and support their community.
It's easy.    

Step 1:  Create a personal fundraising site on Facebook
  • To get started, visit our Facebook fundraising page and click "Create a Fundraiser." 
  • Click here for detailed instructions. (COMING SOON)
  • You can use your own image or download an image below to use as a fundraising page cover photo.

How to download an image

  • Click on one of the images below image to expand/view it.
  • Then click and hold (Mac) or right mouse click (PC) on the expanded image until a dialog box appears.
  • Select "Save image as..."
  • A box pops up asking you where you want to save the image to. Navigate to the folder where you want to keep your images.
  • Click on the "save" button. You now have a copy to use as a fundraising page cover photo.


Step 2: Fundraise
  • Set a goal - A goal gives you something to reach for while fundraising. If you reach the goal, you can always raise it and work toward a new target!
  • Share your story - Fundraisers who make their cause personal raise more money.  Why do you support the United Way of West Ellis County? Tell your story - your friends want to hear it!
  • Kick off your fundraiser with a self-donation to show your commitment to the cause.
  • Send Reminders - Even the nicest friends with the best intentions will forget to donate, so don't be afraid to send reminders and post often.
  • Thank your donors - Not only is it a nice thing to do, but thanking friends on Facebook is an easy way to remind other friends to donate!
Step 3: Celebrate the impact you made in our community!