Helping Children & Youth Achieve their Potential!

For many children in Ellis County, the chance to achieve greatness eludes them because they are not prepared to succeed in school both academically & socially.  Many of Ellis County's children and youth face challenges stemming from low family income, living in foster care, coping with mental illness or even facing homelessness.  All of these factors can contribute to a lack of family stability and in turn, an unsuccessful education experience. 

Together, United Way and it's community partners work to ensure a quality start for young, underserved children by improving basic literacy skills and helping at-risk youth succeed.  




Who We Help

The United Way of West Ellis County partners with several agencies who seek to improve the education of the students in our community. There are after-school and summer programs that give students a fun place to do their homework or receive tutoring. In addition, we fund agencies who offer mentorship programs to at-risk students. These programs have aided in lowering the drop-out rate for the students of Ellis County. 



"The Mentors Care program has helped me overcome the obstacles that have been holding me back. It has also helped me realize that there are things that will block my path but that I need to stay strong and pull through it with a brave face. This program, in my opinion, can help people overcome the things they don't think they can, and in time nobody will need to feel alone. My mentor has especially helped me to overcome many obstacles that have tried to prevent me from moving forward."

Alex P., High School Student in Mentors Care