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Preparing for Census 2020

A complete and accurate census count is critical for the well-being of our community. Why? Because the census is used to set funding for everything from Medicaid to highway construction to K-12 education. To get the most for our community, we have to ensure all residents in Ellis County are counted.

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That’s why the United Way of West Ellis County, Ellis County Commissioners Court & special appointees from around the region have joined together to form a collaborative, coordinated effort to encourage participation in the 2020 census to ensure our communities at not at-risk of being undercounted.

The campaign will help mobilize trusted partners & nonprofits to encourage participation in the 2020 census by:

  • Providing training and tools for nonprofits on effective outreach tactics
  • Assisting nonprofits in identifying historically undercounted communities
  • Coordinating a regional communications plan
  • Working with government officials to avoid duplication of efforts and enhance communication and outreach efforts to support a fair and accurate census count

Why Nonprofits and Community Organizations?

Ellis County nonprofit organizations and community groups are ideally suited to encourage neighbors in at-risk communities to be counted. Nonprofits serving undercounted communities have well-established relationships by way of their services and advocacy efforts and are generally regarded with a high level of trust.